Memorandum van samenwerking
De ondergetekende organisaties zoeken manieren om samen te werken in de nastreving van de uitvoering van muziek en in internationaal begrip en vriendschap.
Namens "Chr. Gemengde Zangvereniging l' Espérance"

Memorandum of C0-operationThe undersigned organisations seek ways of working together in the pursuit of the performance of music and in international understanding and friendship.
On behalf of "Trianon Music Group"
Oh ‘Lochs & Glens’ and ‘Burtons’
Were the coaches on our trip
They took us safe to Harwich
And we embarked upon the ship.
We sailed across the North Sea
And arrived in Holland -The Hook
Then Lochs & Glens and Burtons
The German road they took.
They drove us many a mile
And several kilometres too
From Tuesday until Saturday
We had lots of things to do!
We did not lose anybody
Although some music went astray
We sang our little hears out
On our so-called holiday.
On Saturday bright and early
We all climbed back on board
And Lochs & Glens and Burtons
Had our luggage safely stored.
We drove along in convoy
Until we were delayed.
By large amounts of traffic
Our drivers were dismayed.
The Stena boat was docking
And the captain would not wait
So we did a little detour
And tried not to be late.
Our Krimpen lunch was put on bus
There were sandwiches, soup & fruit
Kindly provided by our friends
So we could eat en route.
We made up time, than goodness
And arriving at the quay
Found we could catch our ferry
To sail back across the sea.
So, let’s hear it for our drivers
Who safely day by day
Drove our merry little group
Without getting lost on the way

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